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Reporting survey results

The results of the survey will be communicated to industry through a written report and an online dashboard which will be released before the end of 2023.

Results and information will be posted here on the Commissioner’s website, as well as via fact sheets, social media, direct email, news articles, and through stakeholder consultation and engagement sessions.

Due to the potential sensitivity of the data, the public-facing reports will not contain reports at a mine-specific level, nor identify any mine by name.

Report format

The report format is under development. However, the Commissioner expects the public-facing reports will contain the following data segmentations:

  • a demographic profile of the industry (age split, gender split, industry tenure etc)
  • results by industry sector
  • results by employment type
  • results by work area (operations, processing etc)
  • results by industry tenure
  • results by age
  • results by education level.

The public-facing reports may also contain the following data, but only if the sample size is large enough to ensure individual people are not identifiable:

  • results by gender
  • results by organisational level (frontline leaders, senior leaders, general workforce).

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Individual mine results

For mineral mines and quarries, mines will not be identified as a large portion of mines and quarries are too small to safely ensure the anonymity of workers participating in the survey.

If enough coal mine workers from the same workplace choose to have their survey results identifiable by their workplace, then the operator of that workplace will be able to request a separate report from the Commissioner showing their mine site results compared against the coal industry benchmark.

This separate report will not be released publicly, and this report will only be made available if enough workers from that site have consented to identify their results by their place of work to ensure no individual can be reasonably identified.

Last updated: 27 Apr 2023