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Directions from the Minister

The Minister may give a written direction to the Commissioner about the performance of their functions or the exercise of their powers.

The direction may be to give reports and information to the Minister, but cannot be about the content of any advice or recommendation given by the Commissioner.

The Commissioner must:

  • comply with the direction
  • publish a copy of the direction on a Queensland government website.
DateDirection from the Minister
13/04/2021Assist the coal mining industry by facilitating discussions to develop its plan to action recommendations 1, 2, 7–11, 18, 23 and 24 of the Queensland Coal Mining Board of Inquiry Part 1 report.
13/04/2021As chair of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee, consider recommendations 16 and 22 of the Queensland Coal Mining Board of Inquiry Part 1 report.
13/04/2021Develop a program of engagement with workers and relevant industry personnel with the promotion of safety reporting and confidential complaints as its centrepiece.
13/10/2021Establish a tripartite working group to provide advice and practical solutions to the challenges of implementing the provisions set out under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 requiring that only an employee of a coal mine operator can be appointed to certain statutory positions.

Last updated: 19 Sep 2022